July 11th, 2004

orange means sdc

some hentai smut

well i told you i was writing Inuyasha/Kagome! It was hard, i haven't written het in over a year, plus i have a confession:

I have no idea how Inuyasha's clothes work. Are they two pieces? pants and a shirt? is it an outer robe and an inner? what's the damn thing called? (musesfool suggested i should change it every time just to be funny)

regardless of the obstacles, here it is. I only watch the show, so i didn't use any of the japanese words that i ought to be using, but keh. (except for 'keh' obviously, cause i like it)

PS--I've been doing all of this during the study halls, with all the kids watching. If they only knew what i was doing on the laptop...

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