July 17th, 2004


the randomly obscene icon

ellen, ellen, LOOK, my new icon is holding MEAT! hahahahahha...using that mouth shape seemed like a good idea BEFORE i chose to hold up the meat...

Also, you remember how we picked up the Manga at Borders the once called "eerie queerie" and we nearly bought it just for the title? WE SHOULD HAVE, because i bought it randomly today and not only was it decent, it's all slashy! and it's CANON slash! *is so happy* I will mail you the first two when i am through with them so you have something to entertain yourself. I sent you something in the mail the other day, did you get it?

Caitlyn's wedding last night was beautiful, even though i started crying as soon as she came out. She even had the grown-up haircut *wibbles*. I'm going to miss her and Elijah so much next year.

and I got to see Tara! and we talked about video games and anime the whole night, which is brilliant cause nobody in RL is really into that with me. She's going to a con at the end of the month and entering a big Smash Bros tournament, which she will totally pwn, i'm sure.

I can't wait to hang out with her more at Drew's graduation party (colin, do you want to go with me? it's next saturday at 5, so we wouldn't have to leave early)
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