July 31st, 2004


happy birthday, Harry and Neville

aww, i feel like i should write a smutlet for the woobies. We'll see what i can do before tomorrow's over, although i really need to work on my Remus Remix.

So tired. So pissed off at Sean. did NOTHING for last three days in class, not a goddamned thing. Just sat there and nearly wept with boredom while i was taught elementary greek for the third time. evidentally he asked the Latin TA to come to our class and watch him teach or something. which is exactly what I've been doing ALL FUCKING SESSION. But he is gone all weekend, so i am relieved.

too tired to post real stuff, although i'm sure there were things i wanted to say. I am being groomed by the rat. He snuck up onto the top part of the couch so he could paw at my hair and nibble my scalp. I'm Mulciber's pack :)
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