August 13th, 2004

rum gone

missing shit! gah!

i think i need OCD medication. Can i just tell you that it drives me BATSHIT CRAZY when i can't find something I know I own?

in the course of trying to pack my shit up, I've discovered that a handful of books are missing. The fact that it's more than one or two says to me that somewhere there is a box or a pile of books i'm missing, but i've scoured my room and most of the house and they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND *rips out hair*

Among the missing are:
-Nightseer-Laurell Hamilton
-The Laughing Corpse-Laurell Hamilton (part of a series! double >.<)
-Ender's Game-Orson Scott Card
-Otherworld-Mercedes Lackey
-The Lark and the Wren-Mercedes Lackey

It's not even that i really want to read any of them, it's just that HAVE to know where they are!

additionally, just as the minor kerfluffle about being IC in my last Pixies post was dying down with everyone being civil, some asshat felt the need to leave a bitchy anonymous comment. *rages* SIGN YOUR NAME, ASSHAT!
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