August 22nd, 2004


The big question of the week

okay, here's the question of the week. I have a full week of downtime before classes start with nothing planned, and no job as of yet to hinder me.

The Inuyasha movie is being screened Thursday night in NYC. i'm dying to see it and it's free, but there's no way to reserve tickets to it (and also there seems to be some confusion about the date, but this is the one that the Viz site has), so I run the risk of getting the whole way there and not seeing it anyway.

OTOH, I could be seeing meupatdoes and musesfool while in NYC, and I could actually stay with Christina so I wouldn't have to do the driving all in one day. So it's not like a wasted effort even if i don't see the movie

OTOOH, the trip is something like 5 hours from here. when the trip was three hours, i'd've done this in a heartbeat, but 10-11 hours roundtrip is on the verge of too much.

so, here is a poll. decide my future, please.

Poll #339344 5 hours in the car

Should Sara Drive to NYC?

yes, fool, Inuyasha movie!
yes, fool, meupatdoes and musesfool!
shouldn't you be laying around writing porn?
no, 5 hours is too far for your idiocy.
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