September 22nd, 2004


oh anne rice

RL update: still sick. developing spots all over hands and feet. local doctors baffled.

in other news:

Dear Anne Rice:

Please write for a million billion years, because nobody is easier to make fun of than you. anybody could. 12-year-olds who are writing epics about Snape's undying love for Harry entitled "My Heart Will Go On PLZ RR PLEEEEEESE" are snickering at you right now.

It isn't so much that you blatantly DO need an editor, or that you clearly have no idea how to express yourself in a concise and intelligible manner, it's that you post your inadequecies on a public forum for all to see and enjoy.

This is the sort of entertainment I am wont to pay $6 at a movie theater for. I leave this icon as an offering in thanks.

much love--Sara
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