September 25th, 2004

making me stupid

what's the point of me even having the phone

ellen, i think i left my phone in your car after turning the sound down. Could you grab it in case my parents call? If it's already raining, you can just leave it there, but would you call my mom or something to tell her what's going on?

dammit, i'm going to have a hundred million messages all over again.
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What Sara did today (the ER Remix)

so this morning, i woke up at about 5 am because my left knee, which had ben stiff and sore but otherwise normal yesterday, HURT LIKE FUCK. So i dragged myself out of bed and limped about a bit, trying to loosen it up, then passed out on the couch on my back, which was not comfortable but was the only position in which the knee did not HURT LIKE FUCK.

at 10 AM i woke up to discover the knee was roughly the size of a grapefruit. And walking was really no longer an option.

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so then they gave me crutches and sent me home, with the advice 'take some advil'. the end.
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    and lo, here i am at the library