October 4th, 2004

flying rat

A Boy and His Rat

I've been toying with this little ficlet in my head, and i don't think it's going to turn into anything better than this. So here's a gen bit of Marauder-era fic having to do with vaarious pets the boys have had.

Two notes: 1) my rat totally wags his tail, and 2) writing the little death scene made me cry *is dork*

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memories officially Pensieved

Just finished editing my memories so that all of my fics are under the right filter. 115, is the final count, plus the three random anime ones (two Inuyasha, one Yu-Gi-Oh!). I even got some of the comment porns stuck in there.

the master list!

I wonder if UVM knows this is what they're paying me to do in the library. Now if only I had the initiative to update the website *cringes because i'm paying for the priviledge of not using the site hardly at all*

and here i was feeling guilty cause i thought i hadn't written much lately.
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