October 6th, 2004


*pines for home*

Alumni Weekend is coming up for my college. Lots of people I want to see will be there. i miss home. I want Eat N Park. I want to see The Grudge with Katharine and Christina in a real fucking movie theater.

I am looking at a flight for $260. I could be doing better things with this money, but i possess it because the library is paying me. (additionally, the website won't tell me the times of the flight until i actually buy the ticket, but this is what i get for saying 'no' when Ellen asked if i was going weeks and weeks ago).

I wouldn't be torturing myself like this right now if I hadn't had such a shitty latin class this morning.

*kicks vermont that is too fucking far away*
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some fun first lines for ya'll

so, i did a bunch of you guys', now it's your turn. Here are 20 first lines from some of my fics, leave me some drabbles as a libation to a rather shitty day.

1.  James threw open the door to Sirius and Remus’ flat without knocking, then flopped onto the couch wheezing for air.

2. “The whole summer,” Harry repeated dully.

3. “There she is!” Ron whispered to Harry, peering around the library door at where Hermione was hunched over a book in her usual spot.

4. Sirius knew he’d overdone it the moment he changed back from Padfoot.

5. Sirius was sitting in the kitchen when Remus nearly fell in the door, exhausted from whatever fool mission Dumbledore had sent him on this time.

6. Wormtail scurried along the floor of the dungeons, sniffing the ground every few paces for traces of Mrs. Norris or anyone else.

7. Draco stabbed at his lunch moodily, trying desperately not to listen to Crabbe’s attempt to tell a dirty joke which clearly he did not fully grasp and there was no chance of Goyle seeing the humor in.

8. Remus felt that he had prepared himself sufficiently for the sight of Sirius coming towards him on the platform.

9.In Remus Lupin's Seventh Year, the first medical study on the spread of Lycanthropy was just being concluded.

10. "I just can't take it!" Lavender exclaimed suddenly.

11. There were a lot of things about Neville that weren't making sense to Harry.

12. The real problem was that Ginny wasn't stupid.

13. “I have something for you, Perce.”

14. Oliver noticed a slumped figure sitting alone in the Gryffindor stands during Quidditch practice.

15. Sirius peered at the small white strip adhered to his abdomen.

16. Remus Lupin shifted around some papers on his desk and then straightened them unnecessarily, stalling for time.

17. Snuggled companionably on Seamus' bed to study, Dean gave a half-hearted swear when he dropped his quill.

18. Professor Minerva McGonagall was just about to send someone to inquire where the blazes her slide projector was when the AV Elf finally arrived clutching it.

19. Parvati loved spring at Hogwarts.

20. Percy Weasley read the memo over several times, very carefully, so that there could be no mistake what it said.

I tried to break it up so there were a bunch of different characters doing things. have fun!
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