October 7th, 2004



My amazon package finally got here! Inuyasha movie! so shiny! I was standing beside the mailbox making little 'ee! eeee!' noises and the girl next to me started edging away...

In slightly less legal news, Collapse )

So, I liked Gravitation a lot, a ton, but it was weird because i don't want to read the manga or anything. Usually i want to go back and look at the source of something i like so much, but i just feel like without the pretty and music, what's the point of Gravitation really? I'm impressed by the genius of the person who looked at the little black and white panels and said 'this could be great', just like i'm impressed with the person who read the Ringu graphic novel and said 'this could be the scariest fucking thing ever'.

up next: Witch Hunter Robin. Even more illicit, because i can actually watch these on the TV. and down the slippery slope i go...
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