October 17th, 2004


the joys of a classics education

I adore long-sleeved T-shirts. Cause they aren't heavy like sweatshirts and sweaters, they're just like regular t-shirts but with long sleeves! *scrunches cuffs happily*

What needs to be done for tomorrow vs what actually is done vs what will actually get done:

~10 sentences for prose comp--done! woot! It's all about gerundives of obligation.--done.
~15 sections of Caesar--nothing. became discouraged after realizing that i was assigned ten sections more than all the other non-grad students.--there's no way i'm doing ten extra sections. Will do what everyone else is doing and then a bit more before remembering that Caesar and i don't get along.
~c. 950 lines of Greek mastered for Odyssey test--hahahahahahahaha nothing. --will struggle through the first handful of sections before getting frustrated and just reading the english a bunch of times. Will panic at last second and probably get A anyway.

*scrunch scrunch*

Katharine--what is the plan for next weekend? Are you doing the alumni revue? ju-on baby, JU-ON!
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