October 22nd, 2004

flying rat

greeetings from the burg

I'm in Harrisburg for the next couple days, if you're wondering where i am. I do check my email once a day or so, so if any fandom emergencies happen, i'll be here. laylah: thank you so much for the KKM! Now i can watch them and pretend i'm not on dialup here.

Ellen says my rat is hiding in a pair of my pajama pants and won't come out, not even for food. Poor Mulciber :( I wish rats could fly in airplanes.

The inuyasha costume is done, and it's fabulous. My mom helped me sew the pants, and hem everything else. I'll put up pictures after the Arts House party. The ears had to be black in the end, cause i couldn't find white ones, but that's okay. I even got a ninja sword at the dollar store.

Off to Lancaster to visit Colin and Sarah and Drew and all them! Yay!
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