October 26th, 2004

dumbledore hat

to everyone who is here for the intelligent conversation:

boy, are you in the wrong place.

Exibit A: The brief written response to the Pasolini movie Edipo Re, which i had to watch for my grad seminar. Written at midnight. Of questionable academic merit.

I Couldn't Look Away, It Was Like a Train Rex

When Pasolini first showed his movie Edipo Re in 1967, audience members no doubt wondered what the Italian director would do with the ancient myth. After the movie had ended, Collapse )

*snurches hat*
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art vs spectacle

i'm 20 pages into the Nietzche i should have read by 2 this afternoon (hahahahahaha), and i am reminded once again that i am DYING to write Apollo/Dionysos slash that occurs onstage during the Stones performance in "Gimme Shelter".

I feel it should be prefaced with this debate:

"You completely need me," Dionysos announced.

"Don't be childish," Apollo, looked down at his fellow divinity, who was sprawled all over the couch, mussed up and unbuttoned rather like that lizard mortal, "you don't need spectacle to have art, but you certainly need art to create a show. Without me, you're nothing."

"But Phebes," Dionysos pouted winningly, reaching up to flick open Apollo's top shirt button, "what good's art if nobody's looking at you?"
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