November 2nd, 2004


NaNo, day 1

Ellen and i went to a NaNoWriMo get together tonight in Montpelier. We had a good time, and got Subway with some of the guys afterwards. ratio of Macs to PCS: 4 to 2. haha, we win!

Ellen kept reading bits of mine over my shoulder and then laughing out loud, until the group demanded to know exactly what i was writing, and i ended up reading a few lines to everyone.

I'm keeping all my NaNo stuff here, it doesn't feel worth the effort to give it its own space. So, here's a three line cookie for you (its original fiction, btw):

Collapse )

so, here's the counter and all:
NaNoWriMo Progress Meter
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cock dementor

mmm, other fandoms

people are producing in my favorite side-fandoms today, much to my sqeeage.

scriblix does some Velvet Goldmine and nails Kurt right on the head with Caught in the Flow. Short, but powerful and very true. mmmm, Kurt Wild...

and also, ponderosa121 has some delicious Yuki/Shuichi up: Love Kiss (work safe). I didn't even know she did Gravi art, so this was a fabulous flist suprise *hugs internet*

thanks to everyone who's commented and recced "Red Means (Don't) Stop", and hi to everyone who's new here because of it! musesfool and I are wallowing in the post-fic glow, although NaNo and Smutmas mean resting on the laurels is not an option. Still though, brings back fond memories of the days immediately post SYWTTYARB *hugs ramen_addict*. Lightning in a bottle, baby.
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