November 4th, 2004

orange means sdc

batman love

I was idly watching Cartoon Network when Static Shock came on, which i don't mind. And Batman and Robin were on for the first five minutes, which made me smile (the Gotham Knights version of B&R). BUT THEN: Static got sucked into some time chair thing, and popped out during Batman Beyond!


I was blatantly on ebay last night seeing if anybody had the full Beyond run for cheap (reasonably so, but i didn't commit and ended up with a Gravi CD instead). Now I'm wondering if i'd have to own Static Shock to get this episode. sigh, nothing's perfect, i spose.

PS--Terry just said "It's a distraction. LOOK!" *HEARTS*

PPS--he furthermore adds that he "won't get down on my knees for you!"
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