November 8th, 2004

smirks triumphantly

state of the union

i was a bit cranky during latin this morning (not shocking), but when the professor began to erase words willy-nilly from my sentence on the board again and then claim that the rest of my sentence didn't make any sense, the following exchange occured:

Professor: *erases very first word* you should have...
Me: "NO. my sentence says THIS so put my word RIGHT BACK UP THERE THANK YOU."
Professor: "...that works too." *complies sullenly*

I wrote 12,000 words last week, which would be great if all of them were NaNo. But on the other hand, the Smutmas assigment is now in beta stage. If i come up that 5200 words short on nano, i'm totally claiming that one of my characters writes fanfiction and pasting the smutmas right the fuck in there.

in the middle of the night, the backing on my new piercing shot off for no reason. I was awake when it happened, i heard the cheerful 'BWIP' as it propelled itself off my head to regions unknown, but at least i kept the stud in my ear while i found a servicable replacement backing. *twiddles it*
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