November 20th, 2004


an afternoon of unimportant accomplishment

I meant to write. what did i do? spent three hours fooling around with wallpapers on But now i have all kinds of shiny new desktops! and a few i want to make yet. I'll post a few when I'm done, a couple people asked me about them. No Kyou Kara Maou though! I guess if you want something done right...

big squee though: I watched a two minute unsubbed, undubbed clip of a Yu-Gi-Oh! episode I hadn't seen yet, and I understood what they were saying. OMFGSQUEE! granted, they were saying things like "it's you! we did it, partner! Here you are!" but i don't care because it was Japanese and i understood! this is all by way of merely watching fansubs. who says cartoons aren't educational, ne?

and then i read something interesting Collapse )

hmmm. sounds to me like they were trying to de-slashify the series, even if it meant completely re-writing crucial sub-plots. Good thing that de-slashifying Yu-Gi-Oh! is IMPOSSIBLE. (i watched the new ones again this morning, and Yami won't even talk he's so depressed. Where is the hot angstfic?! Where?!).
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