November 25th, 2004

flying rat

time to DUEL!

yu-gi-oh! is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

I so totally swear i did not fabricate this result in any manner. ROTFL!

In other news, my family arrives in t minus 3 hours, and i have started the cooking, although i hate all this waiting around for it to be time to do something. I made monkey bread already, but i'm worried about this turkey business. *wibbles*

and i cannot find a fourth placemat! we used to have more, but over the years our collection has dwindled...
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    monkey bread rising
flying rat

unexpected delay

my mom just called to say that my family is stuck in Dulles and won't be in until probably nine tonight instead of 2 this afternoon.


At least i hadn't put the turkey in yet.

ETA: copperbadge and setissma have made me feel much better over at sam's Thanksgiving Pot Luck. *hugs you both* LJ people can make anything better. come party with us!
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