November 30th, 2004


I hope you had the time of your life

NaNoWriMo will officially be over in two hours, and I am already validated, with my shiny purple bar and my Viking Squirrel icon.

The story is finished as well, which is what i was actually worried about, and the final count was 52,419. See my birthday in there? That's kismet, baby.

so here i sit with my celebratory slice of pumpkin roll, watching my celebratory viewing of Ocean's 11. I am free to write other things at last, marauders and angsty Yugi/Yami and the Elrich cute and the Rusty oral fixation. and yet i am sad, because it is over, but also because the ties that bind me with a dozen other random Vermonters and thousands of random people on LJ are dissolving.

this is the sad I will feel when Book 7 comes out. It isn't that i don't want book 7, it's just that I am not ready for the ties of fandom to fade away, for that anticipation to be over, for that moment when you know that you are surrounded by people who are holding their breath for exactly the same reason as you are.

Congratuations to all of us (esp you, Flora, you are CRAZY but utterly amazing). Thanks to ellen for the pie, to Douglas for being the rabbit to my greyhound, to dipping_sauce for the French swears, to fantomeq for the rat giggles, and to everyone who's been reading and urging me on.

I know i've been slow about posting chapters, which is silly because it isn't like i'm editing. I'll have things organized in a bit here, I'm trying to decide if I want to spam the flist or not.

I've written a NOVEL.
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