December 6th, 2004



I am staticky and take-home-finalful and so tired of this semester.

leave me something happy? please?

comment porn would not go awry.
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why yes, aristotle, it could be no other way, aristotle

so I'm writing my final paper for the Classical seminar on ancient vs modern criticism of Greek tragedy. This necessitates reading Aristotle's Poetics, and then reading what everbody after him for the last 2500 years has to say about him, because there is nothing else to talk about evidently. because even the people who claim that the Poetics aren't that great, and they aren't, then keep on talking about him for pages and pages.

so i'm sick of Aristotle, who i don't adore to begin with. I believe this is starting to show just a tad in my paper. observe the following quote:

"Similarly, Aristotle's praise of the plot of Oedipus Rex is hardly surprising, since the reversal of Oedipus' fortunes results directly from his revelation of the truth after a systematic investigation of the evidence. What better reaffirmation of the ancient scientist could there be? How pleasing to see one's own struggles depicted upon the stage to such applause! Clearly this must be the best tragedy ever."

Poll #398474 Can it be any other way, Aristotle?

should I keep the scholarly snark?

no, you fool! hightlight from here to here and press delete!
things were okay until "Clearly..."
Eu ge! stick it to that chiton-wearing bastard!
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    scholarly snark
best tragedy EVAH



snark! SNARK!

*contemplates Aristotle as ancient fangirl*
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