January 14th, 2005

mouse doom

the yearly review meme

i took a look at my calendar to find out what my site anniversary was again (Jan 28th, and it's a Friday this year...) and decided to do the year sentence meme thing.except, with cheating multiple sentences because i like my sentences.

January--Why Warming Charms are Bad:
My merry_smutmas present arrived at last! And it's so totally worth the wait! there is eyeliner and shiny shirts and clubbing and breaking and entering and hotness on the floor of Sirius' old bedroom. Hells yes!

February--Sekrit Roommate
I have a sekrit roommate! He is furry and pointy and very much against school policy. [Mulciber's birthday! awwwww...]

March--I'm not dead
Have been a lump this whole week, and i wish i would stop feeling like crap so I could write something, or do anything besides sleep.

April--Woobies with Snitches On
So anybody who's read ch 23 of Stealing Harry by copperbadge will know two things: 1) Snupin? Pfft, as if. 2) PJs with Snitches on are teh CUTEST THING EVER!!!111!!!one! [it still is the cutest thing ever, sam]

May--I'm going to disagree with you
we uploaded the SNL HP thinger, courtesy of the brilliant darthrami, so if you haven't seen it yet, here you go.

June--floo evans for the ride of your life
this has been good times *kicks Word*. yeargh, there's a few pages that needed their own post, thanks to LJ and it's effing character limit. fun. [this was the locked post that Victoria betaed the first chunks of my MWPP FQF fic from]

July--if the Shack's arocking...
CTY is going well. My kids tricked sean into talking until they didn't have a break today. They are devious little geeks.

August--brief update on the status of Sara
ellen, i have sent you something fun in the mail. Not like you can read this because your ibook is dying, but you will see when you are back. PH34R MY 3MBR01D3RY F1055!

September--because i love coming here at 8 am, really
so, during my 8 am Latin Prose Comp Class this morning, the professor looks me right in the eye and is like "you've taken this before, haven't you."

October--ooh, the clex, the CLEX!
So i'm watching the Smallville episode "Red Means Stop", the one where Clark's class ring makes him all whacked out (ellen called him 'butch'). [there they go, right to the ass...]

November--NaNo, day 1
Ellen and i went to a NaNoWriMo get together tonight in Montpelier. We had a good time, and got Subway with some of the guys afterwards. ratio of Macs to PCS: 4 to 2. haha, we win!

December--wallpapers of all sorts
I make some of the wallpapers that I use on my computer, and once in a while somebody asks me about one. So here's a dozen or so from different fandoms.

the anniversary's coming uuuuup...you guys better get some ficlet ideas brewing ;)
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