January 26th, 2005

best tragedy EVAH

what do i need the damn teaching degree for?

Today during latin:

professor: "I'd rather be at home playing in the snow. "
me (thinking of how she cancelled class on monday but didn't tell anybody so we all came in anyway): "That would be fabulous. Perhaps you could email us so that we might all be off as well."
professor: You all need your homework corrected.
me: "We could email it to you."
professor: "SOUNDS GOOD!" *flees*
me: "...did I just cancel Latin on Friday?"
rest of class: "WOOHOO!"

fuck YES for sleeping in two days in a row (because I completely didn't stay up until 3 talking to a random friend of Pru's about Ryuichi's hotness, nope not at all)
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Girl Trouble, Inuyasha Fic

hey, i WROTE something! of course now that i need to read five books of livy, now i want to write.

Title: Girl Trouble
Pairing/warning: Inuyasha/Kagome i suppose, but the R is for swearing.
Summary: Inuyasha simultaneously knows too much and absolutely nothing about women.
AN: He so totally can tell. In my opinion, it's more fun to write Inuyasha and Kagome arguing than getting it on anyhow.

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