January 28th, 2005


Happy Birthday ...sort of

well, this was going to be the triumphant post where i unveiled the brand spankin' new website, which was completely redone and didn't suck and was updated, but it turns out my webhost is updating my server today, so I can't log in to change anything.

so this birthday is not so much a party as last year's 24 hour ficathon was, and the festivities will apparently have to wait until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, lets play a little game:

While recoding every single one of my stories (omfg never doing it again) I discovered that I have HP stories that start with every letter except six. The loser letters are as follows:

K, Q, U, V, X, Z

Therefore: Suggest a title for a fic using one of the six unused letters. Hell, suggest a bunch of titles for as many letters as you want. The title can be one word, or a phrase or whatever, just so long as in an alphabetical list it would be in the space where that letter is.

you can leave other prompts or pairings if you want, or you can just suggest titles and let me run with it. I'd like to have no blank letters by the end of the weekend.

Be as hilarious and cracked-out as possible. Don't you remember the insanity of last year? get suggesting already!
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