January 29th, 2005

mouse doom

Happy Birthday! (For Real)

After a solid week doing nothing but recoding the entire site and every single story, I bring to you:

The Rat Box
previously known as 'Dazzler's Domain'.

Happy second birthday! Go click around, I'm pretty sure everything works but i've been at this for so long i can barely see. all the links should be the same, so if bookmarks or archive links aren't working, please tell me.

If you find a typo or a broken link, comment. Leave a prompt as well and you'll get a ficlet as a thank you.

olukemi, fantomeq, and sociofemme: Thanks so much for your help! You can request fic if you want as thanks, whatever fandom you want (you can count my NaNo as a fandom if you want *g*).

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