January 30th, 2005


Site Update again

got the rest of the stuff off the other hard drive.

all of my editorials from my column "Putting The F. U. in Fun" are up now. in particular, the one about doing taxes still cracks me up. maybe it's poor to laugh at your own editorials, but if you aren't enjoying yourself, i don't know who else is going to.

The original fiction i wrote for my creative writing class is up on the original fiction page as well. Just the short stories though, because the poetry...hahaha, lets just say there's a reason i got a B in that class and it wasn't because of shoddy prose.

fellow classics geeks: i found The Motorbus Poem on my server. beware latin geekery!

as always, typos and bad links reported earn you a ficlet. some are already cashing in *g*
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