February 9th, 2005


*jrocks out*

i just learned that itunes can split mp3s. I was wondering why nobody had a piece of freeware that could do this without a hundred million options, and now i know that its because my ibook already does it. Huzzah for MacOSXHints.com!

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this is great for cutting out secret tracks, or in my case, pulling apart a whole album mp3 so i can burn it in tracks. and it's a hell of a lot faster than doing it in Quicktime Pro (which i don't have anyhow).

*headbobs happily to newly-titled mp3s*

does eating bananas make anybody else hungrier than when they started?
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NYC plans?

musesfool, marksykins, sociofemme, idlerat, starrysummer:

so...what's the plan for Friday? perhaps having one would be great. Ellen and I are going to leave here 10ish, so we'll be at Robin's between 2-3 and probably in the city a little bit after that.

When is everybody else showing up? When do we want to do dinner? Anybody have any suggestions for where we might go?

*cracks whip*

or you can IM me if that's faster (mousapelli on AIM)
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