February 14th, 2005

rum gone

sappharine orbs and computer abstraction

I survived the crazy travel weekend!

Friday night, sociofemme and I drove down to starrysummer's house, having only one incident where the car spun out of control and faced the wrong way going 70 before plowing into a snowbank.

Then we barely made the train into NYC, then we barely made dinner (are you sensing a theme already?). We ate at Tony's (big thumbs up for chocolate decadence and tiramisu) with musesfool, idlerat, and marksykins, which as you might imagine was largely the BEST THING EVAH OMG except for going back to Ellen and Robin's hotel and drinking (except for me, obviously) and talking fannish business until people had no choice but to make the very last train home.

i won't tell you how many times the words "you should so write that" were uttered *POKES* *POKESPOKESPOKES*. With the right people, field trips in tiny elevators to room 215 are the stuff of legends. or possibly questionable challenges.

then the brilliant and gracious musesfool let me crash on her couch, which was very comfortable and looked like the sort of thing Remus Lupin should be lounging on while he reads romance novels and eats bonbons, after some Homicide action. (take off that goddamned TIE). It's so going to be all about the Tick next time.

We got up to procur the tastiest bagels in NYC and made our respective trains with perfect timing. and here i will cut, because that is the end of the mostly fannish gushing.

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back on the train to NYC, barely make the train back to Conn, hop in the car, and five hours in the car later, my long strange dream ceased to continue.

and it was all being a little bit cute the whole time.
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flying rat

Fic: Good Omens, Mortal Sins

Title: Mortal Sins [Aziraphale/Crowley]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for rampant bibliophilia
Summary: some insight into Aziraphale's earthly joys.
AN: What i've been doing during Roman History for the last few classes. This exists in the same universe as copperbadge's Some Strange Race. had a moment of panic just now when i thought i'd been spelling Aziraphale's name wrong the whole time, but upon consultation of the book, i appear to be okay.

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mouse doom

instant messaging accessability

since a ton of you have YM instead of AIM, i'm going to try one of these multi-platform messaging thingers.

I've got Adium here, and it purports that i am signed into Yahoo Messenger and AIM. The AIM seems to be working okay. Although if you want to IM me to make sure you got exported, go for it.

if you are on YM, can you drop me a line so I can see whether it's working for real? or, you know, if you actually want to talk to me. I'd love to add some of you hardcore YMers to my blist (is that what you call it?)

I'm mousapelli there too, or so the Adium claims.

(it's got a duck icon! it flaps its wings when i have a message! you know you want to make the duck flap...)

ETA: thanks, florahart and contrariwise. it works!
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