February 20th, 2005


Simpsons rocks my world

Homer Simpson just essentially said "Eww, het!" on my TV.


and then he told Rev. Lovejoy that he was the girl.
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    "i'm as straight as a one-dollar bill!"

Fic: Kyou Kara Maou, Clear and Present Danger

Title: Clear and Present Danger [Yuuri/Wolfram]
Rating/Warnings: i think this may be G. G for Garter.
Summary: Yuuri can either give Wolfram a Valentine's Day present or not, and Gwendal's advice is, as usual, priceless.
AN: yes i know V Day was like two weeks ago, and there are Remix fics i need to be writing and things. but who can resist Yuuri freaking out?

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    Today is the Tamaranian festival of berating drapery!