February 27th, 2005


fucking ff.net

I've had an account with fanfiction.net for ages, although i put things up there rarely. The other night i decided to put up some stuff in smaller fandoms just to represent a little, Ocean's 11, Alexander, Gravitation, and Kyou Kara Maou.

And now, like four days later, after going through all this bullshit of trying to remember my login and it refusing to believe in my html files and there not being catagories i wanted, all of the sudden my account ceases to exist.

Ellen suggests that maybe i've been kicked off for NC-17, except blatantly nothing I put up was NC-17, but that's certainly what it seems like.

I realize that this is irrational, but i am really pissed off! i mean, if i had been kicked off a good archive, that's one thing, but to get kicked off fucking ff.net?! It should be thrilled I lower myself to wade through its crap! much less struggle to actually get decent fic uploaded and i blew a whole evening doing just that!

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