February 28th, 2005


Signs that you are a great big tool

1. if you had $30 lying around, you would have just ordered a black long-sleeved T-shirt with a Darigan Eyrie on it, because you spent an entire summer earning that paintbrush dammit and it is hot as balls.

I would look just as sexy in RL, you know...

2. you happen to know that today is Raito-kun's birthday, and that fact makes you want to write handcuff bondage birthday smut like woah, not to mention have a panel saved to your computer where it looks like they just did exactly that which you intend to make a wallpaper shortly.

3. you downloaded the first Robot Chicken to your computer just so you could watch Kirk's little romulan get slammed in the door over and over while Spock howls with laughter over and over and over.

4. you use this icon. on purpose. and laugh every goddamn time you see it because you know its label reads "that doesn't look like the horn of gondor to me".
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