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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
02 March 2005 @ 07:32 pm
gacked from anjenue:

Take three to five of your very own H/D fics and give me the Draco and Harry that appear in each. Link to the fic itself if you like, but really, I want to see how everyone manifests the boys differently. This is a chance to pimp your stuff! DOOOO EEET!!!

well, it turns out that i barely ever write H/D, even though i read it all the time, but here is what i have:

The Oldest Joke in the World, featuring FairlyCreepy!Harry and OopsJustGotOuted!Draco.

Five Points for Permanent Mental Damage, otherwise known as the last chunk of sociofemme's angry hermione het which she gave to me to finish and i promptly turned into slash, featuring IJustCameForTheWanking!Harry and TalksWithHisMouthFull!Draco.

What Exactly Are the Duties of a Head Boy and it's sequel Doing Your Duty As a Head Boy (hour five of the 24-hour ficathon), featuring MostlyCapslocked!Harry and IllMakeYouTheHeadGirl!Draco.

and this is sort of cheating, but Anybody Want a Peanut?, the harry/neville/draco giftfic for marksykins, featuring DamnTheseTilesAreSlippery!Harry and BlatantlyUsedLikeAToy!Draco. and MyPlantOwnnnorzJoo!Neville.
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