March 8th, 2005

making me stupid

you can't get a ride if you can't hold on

I'm trying to learn the little study paragraphs i made for my roman history test on friday, and I am frustrated by the fact that after ten years of latin, i still cannot remember that the Republic starts in 509.

and then on the other hand, i watched a handful of Hey Dude episodes yesterday, and as soon at the theme song started, i realized i knew all the words still even though i was probably 12 the last time i watched the show.

like, wtf, brain? You can throw out the Bananaman themesong, i swear, you'll never need it. what you do need is an extensive list of the Gracchan land reforms, so perhaps you should get your synapse in gear.

Although David Lascher? Still my first real life TV crush (not to be confused with my first animated crush, which was James Bond Jr. Shut up.). What is it with me and dark-haired jerks really?

k, off to transcribe Bruno/Boots from the Roman History notes.
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