March 12th, 2005



one of us has italian meatloaf. guh huh sogoodyum. plus, this means cold meatloaf sandwiches for days *salivates*

the remix is done and sent in! woohoo! whoever's got me, you'd better be getting your ass in gear (or not, because last year i got two presents out of it, so you know what take your time).

and the Yu-Gi-Oh! where Yugi's soul gets taken and Yami cries like a little girl was on again this morning. Goddamn I love that episode. Mostly because Joey punches Yami in the head, hahahaha, and I am so going to write fic about that.

not that I don't have a hundred billion other things to be writing *pokes the conrad/yozak and the bruno/boots*

for those in the know: PIE! PIE! PIE!
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Fic, Macdonald Hall, The Thrill of Discovery Channel

Title: The Thrill of Discovery Channel [Bruno/Boots]
Rating/warnings: PG for Boots' underpants and otters.
Summary: Cathy and Diane give a multimedia presentation, and Bruno is even more confused than before.
AN: I think this is the second chapter of As Free As the Wind, although apparently this story will be in nonchronological order and told in rotating POV. those bastard canadians can't do anything easily.

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