March 18th, 2005

making me stupid


I'm sitting here in the library, with my Roman History paper (it's not really a paper, but this isn't the time for details) that I stayed up until 3:30 finishing, and peering at it, I realize something horrible.

I have mispelled 'Virgil' every. single. time.

AAAAAAAAAH. *beats head on desk*

ETA: actually, the Perseus project does spell it 'Vergil'. WTF, how can there be two different spellings, it isn't like they're using a different alphabet or something.

Back to reading a Separate Peace.

ETA2: i'm only on page 48 and omg theirloveissothere'ssandinmyunderwear.
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mouse doom

victory is mine!

i just learned a new trick! ctrl-clicking an application icon will give you 'package contents' as an option, and then you can see everything that's inside an application. The upshot of this is that now i can edit the blank dvd menu template on toast, and so long as i keep all the layers and filenames the same in photoshop, i can have custom menus!

thank you internet! *adores* I think disco stu (the burner) needs an icon.

i am off to see the Ring, by myself, because everybody else is a pansy. However, right after i checked the movie times, i walked into the kitchen and glanced at the microwave clock.

which just read "0". no puncation, no other numbers, just "0".

uh, before I die i see the ring?
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