March 22nd, 2005


struggling with the DVD burner

my brain aches from google. maybe somebody here just knows.

I have .avi files. I want them to be DVDs.

Toast 6 will convert/burn them, but they have no audio and don't look that hot. I can change them quickly to .mov files, and i get sound, but then the picture is all blocky-pixelated. I burned .mpg files that turned out fine.

I know that quicktime will go from .mov to .mpg, but it takes for. freaking. ever., and it's mpg4, which i don't know if it will work or not, and it takes so long i'm hesitant to try.

so, does somebody know how to, reasonably quickly:

-turn avi into dvd
-turn avi into mpg
-turn mov into mpg

any of those would be good. or, if you could just tell me what toast wants from me.

what do you WANT from me?! *sobs*
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