March 31st, 2005


The official birthday list

The birthday is April 19th! shop early, shop often.
(for everyone not in RL, replace 'shop' with 'write me porn')

Some things I might like to own:

-Any of the Star Wars movies. I don't own a single one. *is the poorest geek ever*

-A glow in the dark care bear. Bedtime Bear or Wish Bear would be acceptable.

-Any of the 'Gravitation' DVDs.

-The first 'Fullmetal Alchemist' DVD.

-The first season of Inuyasha.

-Ocean's 12 (comes out 4/12).

-If anybody is going the craftstore gift certificate route, go Ben Franklin's rather than AC Moore, because that is what we have up here.

Those of you playing the home game may want to check with Ellen, because i have no effing idea what she is up to.

and she is up to something all right.
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May I Present Grier Yozak

Some clips of the Kyou Kara Maou dub are here. The third one cracks me up, because of the hint of jealous!Wolfram. And Yuuri's mom is apparently the same in any language.

Conrad sounds okay, Yuuri's a bit odd but I think i'll get used to it, the Maou grew on me after I watched it more than once, but Yozak *weeps*

Oh god, I hope the sub is okay, because this dub is looking rather questionable (Hot to trot?!). For some reason, I think it is not going to be half as hilarious to see Yuuri call Wolfram a pretty boy rather than a bishounen.

Still though, KKMSQUEEOMG! Why, why must you come out ON my birthday so I cannot demand you as a present?
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