April 9th, 2005


Who's a jigga wha?

Operation Arsecrack of Dawn Airport Run a success.

additionally, go and look at Pond's HP/YnM crossover pic because it is effing amazing. *fangirls shamelessly* Have I mentioned that Pond seems to be in every single one of my eensy fandoms? every. single. one. Her Conrad makes you want to go home and slap your momma. (er, no, i don't know what that means, but it was apparently high praise on a chitlains commercial the once).

Website updated. stuff added in 7 fandoms, 1 of them new. WTF, I haven't even been writing that much.

Time to make the donuts.
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mouse doom

But that's not how it works.

Someone clearly in India: Hallo, end welcome to Netgeer Help.
Me: We can't log in to our router. Everything works, we just can't look at our settings.
SCiI: Please to go to the webpaage...
Me: And the login is X and the password is Y? or possibly the password might also be Z?
SCiI: yeeeees...
me: it doesn't work. we haven't changed it. it used to work, but now no. We've restarted everything, including that thing where you hold down the reset button until your fingers bleed. no.
SCiI: well, yoo must haf changed da passwort.
me: I'm telling you we didn't. and even if we did, we did the reset-button-finger-bleeding thing. It says no.
SCiI: .................dat is not how it werks.
me: yes, well, I can certainly agree with you there.

If anybody else cares to try, my case number is 1560309. They told me to call back when I have a problem that exists.
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Fic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Taming Bakura

And then i wrote 10 pages of cracked out YGO. wtf? If you liked the egg salad bit, this is the fic that that was the beginning of. and hey, does anybody know a good YGO comm?

you know you want to read it. Joey even says "cranking the clam".

Title: Taming Bakura [Bakura]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Bakura's potty mouth. There's some yami/yugi and a little pre-Ryou/Bakura, but the fic isn't really pairing based.
Summary:Ryou is missing, Yugi is devious, Marik is insane, and Bakura is not having nearly as much fun as he wants.
AN: mention of the Season 0 YGO stuff. Yami used to be a little crazy, is all you really need to know. also, 'aibou' sounds a lot better than 'partner' to me, but i know you guys have isues with the random japanese.

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