April 16th, 2005

how bondage works

oh good. thanks so much.

hmm. I'm cranky, my stomach is touchy, I'm exhausted, i'm staticky and having more electronic problems than usual, the random pimples are arriving...

...fuck, this is pms.

goddammit is it really necessary for this to happen during the week with both my birthday* AND my comps? i mean come on, you whores.

but I shocked the router into submission finally. so take that, uterus. you were finally good for something.

PS--yesterday, ellen's horoscope said that she would finally be getting some action this week, and mine compared my life to that of the male emperor penguin, who spends months standing starving in the snow with egg on his feet.

*shakes fist impotently at cosmos*

*Birthday=April 19th in case you missed the memo.
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