April 30th, 2005

surrounded by idiots

Don't make me batsu game your ass

is it just me, or is there a lot of unwarrented snobbery going around in a bunch of fandoms at the moment? musesfool and i were just talking last night about some questionable Alexander spelling arguments, and then today there was some heated debate about terminology over on Ff.net in Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.

Well, as heated as Ff.net ever is, which means people leave snide author's notes at the beginning of their fics. Armed with the first batch of YGO DVDs, i can tell you that two of the snob reports are crap.

Myth #1: The Millenium Items were created 3000 ago, not 5000. Don't trust the dubs!

Fact: Er, no. I may have the Japanese skills of a speech-impaired monkey, but i can tell you that the Japanese says "Go Sennen" or '5000' right in the little pre-theme explanation. It's the one thing my bootleg Hong Kong DVDs actually have subbed correctly.

Besides, if Yami lived 5000 years ago, that puts him right on the line between the mythological pharaohs and the ones that are on the King List. 3000 years ago has him right in the middle of recorded history. So, no.

and you can thank Hikaru no Go for my number comprehension.

Myth #2: The lighter half of a Millenium pair is never called 'hikari' in the show, it's a fan term. The real word is 'omote'.

Fact: well...I'm not going to say they don't use the word 'omote', or 'surface personality' in the show, lord knows the Millenium Siamese Twins refer to each other in all sorts of bizarre ways, none of which sound good in english. But I will tell you that right in the intro, they do say that Yugi has both darkness (yami) and light (hikari) in his heart. so to say that it isn't canon is pretty much crap. it's like the fifth sentence you hear, in fact.

So, uh, step off, tools. Although it does amuse me to know that Dark Bakura calls Ryou "Lord Landlord" upon occasion.
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best tragedy EVAH

Give Cicero a hand. Twice. And a head.

I have to admit, that as little as i like reading some of Cicero, translating his death for my last prose comp assignment left me feeling sort of melancholy. It's true that he was a pompous ass upon occasion, and true that he could not pick a winner in a one-horse race, but he was a pretty big deal for somebody not born in Rome and New Man and all that.

And I do have a lot of love for the underdog. in his own way, he is saying "Oratory is a prostitute, it should be tarted up, performed", and if i can get a Velvet Goldmine quote in there, it can't be all bad.

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