May 2nd, 2005

mouse doom

well, crap.

so, the site bandwidth problems are back *grumbles* my webhost is upgrading my package a little, which means i have to mail off a check. Why can't he take his payment in porn, hmm?

I can't figure out what the problem is this time either, the webstats reveal nothing of note, except a lot of stuff is going someplace. The robots.txt is getting loaded like 350 times a month, which is ridiculous on its own, but clearly something is still uncool.

I'm giving an .htaccess file a try now, anybody have any luck with those? It's too early to tell whether it's helping or not, but I've just realized that LJ using an image off my server apparently counts as 'hotlinking', and i will have to move some images around.
ETA: heh, or not, because the home computer was loading my site okay, but the library computers said no. so i just got rid of it. back to the drawing board.

is anybody having trouble seeing my site, or random pictures of mine anyplace? Does anyone have any better solutions than the .htaccess file?

additionally, i realized that 10% of my server's traffic is just people looking at So You Want To Transfigure Yourself a Rock Band, and that doesn't include people reading the Director's cut either.
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fic, HnG, V for Victory

omfg, why can't i stop writing it?

Title: V For Victory (or Look How Cute I Am) [Touya/Shindou]
Rating/Warnings: you know, i think these are actually getting LOWER in rating? but I will have to say PG-13 cause i use the word 'handjob'.
Summary: Touya's hair does things to Shindou.
AN: somebody make me stop, oh god. I really would do 30_kisses at this point, if any of mine matched the official list. After Between Floors.

also, i'm fleeing the library currently, so didn't spellcheck this other than at sight. ramen_addict feel free to smite the nits.

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fic, HP, Never Wank a Sleeping Weasel

Well, you know, it never fails. I tell fandom to go schtupp itself, and then i write 1000 words of triofic. sigh.

Title: Never Wank a Sleeping Weasel [Harry/Ron/Hermione]
Rating/Warnings: R, somnophilia and blanket theft.
Summary: Ron can sleep through anything. No, really, anything.
AN: As many things are, this is completely musesfool's fault, who's been badgering me about this for honestly months now. The het is all for you, baby.

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