May 9th, 2005


big doings on neopets

Woot! We finally get to decide which side we want to be on in this war! And I chose...

...the evil side again! For the third time. (it's not that i mean to be evil, but c'mon PIRATES, obviously I pick pirate) And they gave me a non-battley option too, which maybe i should've picked, but Emrethyst can usually scrape together enough points for a trophy, and there's a sort of demented pride in it.

In other news, Lennies can be painted Faerie, and it's FREAKING GORGEOUS.

Hey, there, Sailor... Curses, foiled again!

sadly, I can't give up Nostradmys' pink flamingo look (certainly not for how much pink paintbrushes run), but oh, so pretty...
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