May 20th, 2005

how bondage works

random news

the body says 'no' to working. owie.

Intended to go spend $50 at Borders by getting two DVDs. Borders had neither DVD that i wanted, ended up spending $60 on books. sigh. But now i finally own Gravitation 1. And Legal Drug 1. And Yu-Gi-Oh! 3. and I am an addict.

takethehouse fic is nearly at 1000 words, which is good, because that is the minimum, but also not so good because i am not madly in love with what i have. I may actually be the worst mod ever (but i did watch O11 twice in a row).

ramen_addict, the package purportedly went into the mail today, or so says my dad. If he didn't eat it, you should be awash in sword-fighting goodness soon. Mmmm, the dark side...
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