May 27th, 2005

how bondage works

Anakin, I am your Godmother...

The godson is imminent! The mother is in the hospital, but the water hasn't broken yet. Probably today sometime (of course, because it's the only day i work at night instead of in the morning).

takethehouse fic? at 2600 words, but am still searching for the point rather than a string of vignettes. Of course i can't manage to be online at night ever to demand that musesfool fix it, and she's having her own problems, so i hear. I should be on tonight after i get home from work, 11-30ish! barring, you know, godson.

I've sucked my brother into Kyou Kara Maou, ha ha ha and also ha. I promised dueling and fire magic and RPG-parody while being a little hush-hush about the blatant fanservicing bishounen nature of the show, but still after we'd finished the first five in English he was like "Wolfram throws Yuuri-tantrums all the time, right? right? that's awesome."

of course it helps that Gunter and Gwendal blatantly got high in the last one we watched.
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