June 1st, 2005

well its long, Take the House

Remember the time your Mother had to go to Rome and muh mnuh muh

takethehouse fics are officially going up! And by going up, i mean that mine is.

You're Killing Me Here [Rusty/Danny, R]--Saul keeps trying to get Danny and Rusty to reconcile, oblivious to the fact that they have blatantly got all their business in order. Multiple times.

And also, I make fun of Linus a bunch.

In other news, Deacon-Alexander Anakin's Midicalorian count* is too high, so he has to be wrapped in this UV-emitting tube top. I think it's time to just give up and give him the robotic bodysuit and voice-changing helmet.

*or whatever count it is when they measure how much jaundice you have.
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    "Miroku, you said i could bear your children, tell her!"