June 14th, 2005

how bondage works

bad mood for no good reason

i just spent two days blowing money that wasn't mine in Atlantic City. Why the hell am in such a bad mood?

Partially this is because KKM 42, 43, and 44 have just been released fansubbed, and because of the fucking dial-up, it's going to take like 20 hours to dl each one rather than two. Moreover, i hear tell that F&M has a firewall now, which means that i won't be able to download ANYTHING once i'm there even when i have the good internet.

but i did have the thought on the way home that Rusty can't see what a bad idea Isabel is, and Danny hasn't worked out all the details about Tess, and probably only musesfool will think that is as funny as I do.

I'm going to go to borders and have some coffee and get another book about earth-crust lithosphere displacement (which in layman's terms means civilization as we know it is probably going to end before i'm 55, and none of this can possibly be any more pointless than it is right now).
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    the buzzer for the frozen fish. yum, yum.