June 22nd, 2005


The Silly Cone Guy

if there is anything on earth that can make crocheting more simperingly girly, it's crocheting a little row of flowers. I'm hijacking the pattern so that i don't have to do the flowers quite so often.

have I mentioned how i love KKM? because i do. It's keeping me awash in fic, and dancing dangerously close to canon mpreg. it's GLORIOUS i tell you, and the fic i'm writing that's merely backstory to another fic i want to write is over 2600 words because Conrad won't shut his freaking mouth (but did just get punched in the face).

Also, the West Wing is love. I've been watching the first two seasons of DVDs for the last three days sort of non-stop, and I want Josh/Donna, and i want CJ/Danny, and that's more het than I've wanted in a long, long time. But the snark and the banter is so good, so very very good, that I don't even think I can write it, and i think i do good banter.

my hair has been cut (only like 4 inches or so, don't lose your mind) and dyed a violent sort of red, and now my head itches. If they wouldn't change the names all the time, i would have known that Spiced Tea is the same color as Moroccan Spice was, and the red would not be quite so OHGODSORED right before i start the real job. Oopsie.
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