June 27th, 2005

best tragedy EVAH

andra moi ennipe

In seven hours, i will be teaching impressionable children. Get excited. (be scared.)

And i just wrote a lecture on Dactylic Hexameter (nothing before and nothing behind but the sky and the ocean).

Also of note, today a parent asked about my red hair (which is fake) and i said it runs in both sides of my family (which is true). He then reported that I had a duty to chose wisely who I mated with, since red hair is supposed to become extinct in the next few hundred years.

I'll take that into consideration before the mass breeding program begins.
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*hates from afar*

can i just say that single most infuriating thing on the face of the earth is attempting to get an MAT from the UVM's seconday education department? Seriously, I'm not sure how much more of this I can possibly take.

They send me this letter about the summer class i have to take when i go back, and tacked on is this little note "oh, you have to get fingerprinted and such before you start any work in a school".

so I go to the link it provides, and A) the information there is organized in no discernible manner, and B) the one thing that is about criminal background checks and fingerprinting has to do with getting forms from your school and going to unnamed fingerprinting facilities, which are all in Vermont.

I AM NOT IN VERMONT. I am not GOING to be in Vermont until a few days before this starts, much like EVERY RATIONAL PERSON IN THE PROGRAM. I have no idea what I am supposed to do about this, and no idea why we can't mention these things while I am spending nine months a year IN Vermont.

But it's good to know that UVM retains the power to reduce me to tears even with 480 miles separating us.
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