June 28th, 2005

how bondage works

fic, KKM, To Bandarbia, With Love

Title: To Bandarbia, With Love [Yozak/Conrad]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Yozak in a maternity dress (which probably ought to have a higher rating than that).
Summary: Yozak does things without Conrad's permission, Yuuri is confused, and Gwendal's head talks too much.
AN: this was supposed to be backstory for something else, but went completely out of control. thanks to ramen_addict who made me write 'Bandarbia' on the board 100 times.

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dumbledore hat

the best cty conversation ever

heard on the way to class this morning:

Kid 1: "You're stupid."

Kid 2: "You're stupider."

Kid 1: "You're stupid times 2π."

Kid 2: "You're stupid times 3 infinity!"

Kid 1: "3 infinity? are you HIGH?"

I attempted no discipline, because i had to lean on the rail to laugh at this point.
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