July 10th, 2005


Inui's special vegetable drink

Nine episodes in, I'm already sold on Prince of Tennis. It's boys playing tennis, why is it so entertaining?! This is like freaking Hikaru no Go all over again (and why do i want to write fic where Akira becomes obsessed with PoT and Hikaru is all 'wtf is WRONG with you?')

But oh god, i love these boys already (although I'm having trouble with the names). I adore Inui's data fetish, and the captain's sexy Eiri-Yuki-glasses, and Momo-chan hugging the freshmen to freak them out, but more than any one of them, I love their first team practice session because they are so much fun altogether.

and also they are teaching me a surprising amount of vocabulary. I learned blue (Ao, like Yuuri's horse!) and red, and how you say first-, second-, and third-year (although really i could've maybe guessed that on my own).

Do they make Sesame Street in Japanese? i know this is really random, but I think I would enjoy it. I love learning new words, it's like cracking a secret code! because right after i learned blue, the end theme had 'aoi sorani' in it and i was all "BLUE SKYYYY!" and it scared the rat *geeks out*
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