July 12th, 2005


truth in fansubbing

they called Ryoma a seme no Tennis.

AHAHAHAHAHA. it was so worth staying up for the extra episode just for that.

Also, everyone keeps saying 'that's just like the Golden Pair' and then smirking, and i really want to write fic where before they were a decent doubles team they had to be handcuffed together for a weekend.
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Jack McCoy goes to CTY

at dinner, one of my fellow TAs reported that she had to chastise a girl for pantsing another girl during the break this afternoon. One of the other TAs then revealed that the pantser had actually written an essay earlier about doing exactly that.

other TA: "oh no, it was premeditated!"

Me: "Pantsing in the First Degree!"

other TA: "Well, maybe she didn't mean to do it."

the first TA: "What do you call that, then?"

Me: "Pantslaughter, obviously!"
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